Why Use a Consultant?

Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions your son or daughter will face.  Finding the “right” match is everyone’s goal. But how to get there?

Researching which colleges are a match for his academic and social needs. Exploring what programs and majors best fit her goals.  Navigating through the very confusing maze of testing, essays, application forms, college resumes, campus interviews, scholarship programs, athletic and artistic admissions ….it can be overwhelming.

Doesn’t it make sense to consult with an expert who can guide you through this process?

Benefits to Families
Saves parents’ time (visiting too many colleges that are inappropriate) and money (travel, hotels etc., and missed opportunities for merit aid).
Reduces the parent-child tensions in college process!
Clarifies the financial aid and scholarship process.
Have confidence working with a member of IECA and NACAC, professional associations that validate the counselor’s credentials, and offers a vital network of support and training.
Students are reassured that they have experienced admissions professional available throughout the process, especially at times when they need it most.
Sort through the confusion over the many options of ED, EA, Single Choice EA, Rolling, deferrals, Wait lists, etc.
Your investment of time and money results in a better match for your son or daughter’s higher educational experience, reducing the risk of dropping out or transferring.