The Consulting Relationship

What Spiegel College Planning offers your family:

Exploring student and parents’ expectations, and developing appropriate criteria upon which to base your college search.
A High School Plan.  Advising freshmen, sophomores, and juniors on course selection.  Reviewing other educational enrichment and extracurricular options.  Discussing summer plans and make suggestions.  Encouraging the development of interests and passions, including outside reading, and steering the student toward a better understanding of potential areas of study and careers.
Working together to develop an initial broad list of colleges to research. Refining that list as the student’s academic profile changes and/or interests shift and develop.
Teaching the student and parents what campus visits are all about, and how to make the most of those visits.
“Mock Interviews” to help students feel comfortable in the campus interview and/or scholarship selection interview.
Continually refining the college list, with a goal of 8 -10 schools to target for applications.Helping the student to organize his/her college application process.   Determining best strategies for EA/ED and other admission plans.
Helping the student to take the necessary steps in preparing portfolios, auditions or athletic recruiting process, where needed.
Brainstorming and guiding the student through the personal essays and short answers on applications. (Please know that Mary does NOT write or rewrite essays, of course. The student’s voice must be heard, and the essay must be authentic.)
Advising and mapping out  on standardized testing plan and prep.When desired, making recommendations for testing prep tutors.
Help parents to understand the financial aid and scholarship process.
In making your final choice, Mary will facilitate the discussions concerning the academics, curriculum, and educational philosophy of each college or university, so that the student makes an informed and confident choice.
Guiding students through the wait list process, if necessary.
Discussion of transition to college.