“Thanks for talking with A. yesterday and asking colleagues for some input.  A. seems so much calmer about making a decision now.  From start to finish you have helped navigate this college process masterfully.  If you ever want to use my name as a reference please do.  Your professionalism and care are to be commended.” — mom of a former student

“Having you was the best thing we did.” — mom of a senior
“I haven’t been able to reach out to you because I am just not ready to say  goodbye yet.  You have just been a fabulous piece of our lives for the  last several years, I’m not ready to let go.  Perhaps we need to adopt  someone so we can do another.  THANK YOU.   We are thrilled with both our kids’ choices.” — mom of two students

“Your experience and knowledge of the college environment and all the available options proved to be invaluable. In addition, your ability to connect with high school students and enthusiastically guide them through the steps they need to take gave our [child] the confidence to become a partner in this process.  …we want to thank you for all that you have done to help our two children successfully develop college searches that were right for each of their different needs, and enable them to find the schools that fit them best. We appreciate the individual attention that we received as a family in working with you, and believe that the return on our investment was excellent.”  ~ mom of two former students

“Mary, (my son)  loved you…thank you.  He thought the whole experience was so relaxing and motivating at the same time…Your warm home and your warm approach were terrific!  Thank you! ” – mom of new sophomore after initial consultation

“My husband said that hiring you was one of the wisest investments we had made….” -mom of senior, as he submitted his apps

“She took the mystery and stress out of the whole process.” ~ student, after gaining admission to her top choice colleges

“I was very impressed with her immediate rapport with my son, motivating him to get his college plans started.” ~ dad of an ‘underachiever’ who ended up with great college choices

“She helped my daughter have a very successful college search, resulting in a generous scholarship to her first choice school!” ~ mom of two former students