Consulting Services Available


Presently accepting new students in the high school graduating classes of 2018 and 2019.  Call or email for current fees.

Comprehensive College Planning

In this program, families engage Spiegel College Planning on a retainer basis, for ongoing support and advice throughout the college search and admission process.  My goal as your college coach is to guide your student through a successful search, resulting in college options that are the right match for the student.

Support is offered in person, and via phone, email, and Skype.  From day 1, the ongoing guidance I offer for students and families typically includes :

High school planning and course selection; activities and resume development; exploring majors and career advice; test planning and prep advice; summer planning; exploring the student’s academic passions.

As we delve into your college search, I am here to support you with:

College list research/how to really get to know the right fit; development and revision of your college list; appropriate application timeline and strategies; decisions regarding your  ED/EA plans; the athletic recruitment process or arts/music application process; campus visit advice and interview prep.

As we get into the summer following junior year, and throughout the fall, I work with students on:

Essay brainstorming for the personal statements and the many supplemental essays; appropriate editing suggestions;  preparing quality applications that area a genuine reflection of who they are; and a final review of applications prior to submission.

Finally, later in the senior year, I guide the student and parents in discerning the best fit among admission options as they select their college in senior year. This includes wait list strategies if needed.


Initial consultation/ single assessment

All new clients /prospective clients considering engaging my services will schedule an Initial Consultation with the student, parent(s) and Mary.

At this meeting, I review the student’s profile, assess the college planning needs, and discuss a preliminary outline of his or her college search and admission process. This session, typically 60-75 minutes in length, offers the student and family a thorough counseling session to launch (or evaluate mid-stream) the college planning process. We address course selection, student activity resume assessment, summer planning, test planning, college expectations, and many other timely aspects of the college process. In preparation for the Initial Consultation, the family will send us the student’s academic records.

Following this initial session, if the family engages my Full Services  within a month of the appointment, the fee for this meeting will apply to that program.

In some situations, a family may only be seeking one meeting, as a Single Assessment, for a review of the academic plans and college search options for their student. Often this is a helpful “mid high school” reflection for a younger student, and can lead to a better understanding of steps needed to take, in order to have more options in their college search.

Please note that this single appointment does not offer an original college list or research into appropriate colleges.


Call for information regarding transfer advising.


Important Disclaimer: All independent educational consultants (IECs) offer advisory services only. We make no claims concerning the guarantee of admission to specific colleges or universities. Admission decisions are based on multiple subjective factors and are made solely at the discretion of the colleges and universities. Families who engage our services accept that we are not making guarantees or promises regarding admission decisions.

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